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Everyone knows that every business needs marketing. mostly it’s essential when starting a business or In a recession, a holiday season or a specific season. Some people will do traditional marketing according to the needs of his business while some businesses will do digital marketing. Digital marketing is widely used in today’s digital age.

Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Business with our services?

                      Before looking at the services of DigitalOptimax, please let us know about your business, what kind it is and we will plan for increasing. We start a business and marketing it in the traditional way. Posters, sales, word of mouth publicity to attract customers but your business limited to that area, village / taluka / district. If you want to grow it, if you want to reach more people, you have to think of new ways like digital marketing. 

                                   First you need to make your business visible to everyone so we Develop website of our business. After that you have to create an account on social media.  Search engine optimization is required for the website to appear on Google search Engine. After  this you need to create different types of social media campaigns / ads, YouTube ads, social media content for customer conversion, engagement & acquisition. This means that your small business will now become Day by Day a brand and everyone will start recognizing it. Then you have to measure, tracking & report the business in order to keep it stable. If you plan your business in such a way then your business will continue to grow & Stable.  Now our heading is Want to Drive More Traffic to Your Business then we apply above method i.e. Conversion, engagement & Acquision with measurement, Tracking & reports we drive more traffic to our business.



Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options in Digital marketing.

Brand Design & Strategy

Brand strategy is a plan of the future. Plan your business strategy today as a way that the brand of your business is formed and the customer relationship with your business is strengthened.

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Branding is a never ending process that changes with new trends.

Branding is about growing your small business and spreading the name, wealth of the business everywhere.

Establish a company vision & mission.

First we assess the business then we plan to brand. From creating a logo, to a tagline, to identifying your business’s targeted customers and targeting them. 

 How to automate business using digital technology in business.

To publicize the business through various means.

Drawing reports will help you to understand how your business marketing growing.

Social Media Management

Great marketing  on social media can bring remarkable success to your business.

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We create your social media presence on every platform.

 Monitor it & draw reports.

Make pages creative, increase likes, followers.

 Implement new digital marketing campaign attract customer, engage them, convert them as buyer.

 Draw reports so we can optimize how our page growing.

 Content creation & posting to engage customer,Through social media increase wide variety of customers.

  Generate leads and boost conversions.

 Improve communication and interaction with audience.


Audience Analytics

To improve branding strategy we Generate Various reports to know where we are & our potential customers.

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 We gathering audience data demographically, age, gender etc.

with reports we target right kind of peoples to achieve goals.

Analyse customer behavior to identify opportunities.

using Google analytics build dashboard reports.

Search Engine Optimization

Increasing number of potential customers on our website by ranking top on search engine.

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We do ON page, Off page, Technical SEO.

Local SEO development i.e. google my Business services.

We work on Keyword planning, meta description, heading etc.

Ranking top is become asset factor.

Through SEO you can reduce work of marketing. its generates organic leads and increase sales. 

Copywriting & Strategy

Copywriting & strategy means content creation with convincing, targeting, selling products, emotions  etc everyone says content is king because words have power.

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Content is primary goal of every business.

Content is created with a lot of thought and marketing strategy in mind so that something can come out of it.

Content Creating means creating website data, banners, posters, flyers, video content to attract and engage valuable customers.

Content is created in a simple and easy language that will be noticed immediately.

Workshops & Training

We take digital marketing training  so you too can become a digital marketer.

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When we gathering data from client we take workshop of how we are going through this project so we handover some responsibilities to them & teach some common techniques to them.  

Website Development

website is one of the top most Important point of your business & crucial element determining your success. 

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Web development refers to building Web design, creating content management, web publishing , web programming , Data management, maintaining process.

Our website having responsive, user friendly, dynamic, awesome look & which stands out from crowd and built with modern technologies to fit and functions well on any device.

we include all necessary basic features  any business want for his online presence.

website is that important thing which make people know about your business both online and offline to attract peoples to get information about your services and products.

we delivers responsive, smooth flowing, easy to use, perfect look, web solutions that are reliable to your business.

we would love to work with you on your next project and boosts your sales.    

Email Marketing

Every email sent to a potential or current customer and convert that in to buyer is called email marketing.

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 We Design & Implement a successful Email marketing campaigns.

We manage overall Email marketing Strategy.

We draw email reports on weekly basis.

We develop smart email list.

we connect with customers to promote your brand and increase  sales.

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